This podcast is the product of many sources from many different authors and historians. Below is a list of the sources used so far in the episodes.


July Crisis

Eastern Front

General Western Front

Italian Front

Discipline in the Italian Army 1915-1918 by Vanda Wilcox
Italy and the War in the Adriatic by Renato Sicurezza
Morale and Discipline in the Italian Army, 1915-1918 by John Gooch
Morale and Battlefield Performance at Caporetto, 1917 by Vanda Wilcox

War At Sea

The Great War at Sea: 1914 - 1918 by Richard Hough

Middle East


Admirals versus Generals: The War Aims of the Imperial German Navy, 1914-1918 by Holder Herwig
Unity of Command among the Central Powers by Hermann Von Kuhl
The Generals and the Downfall of the German Monarchy 1917-1918 by E. Eyck

Easter Rising

The Reaction of Irish Officers in the British Army to the Easter Rising of 1916 by Jane Leonard
Between Trauma and Triumphalism: The Easter Rising, The Somme, and the Crux of Deep Memory in Modern Ireland by Guy Beiner



The British Air Campaign During the Battle of the Somme April-November 1916: A Pyrrhic Victory by Thomas Bradbeer
Zero Hour: First Day on the Somme by Andrew Roberts


British Cavalry on the Western Front 1916-1918 by David Kenyon
Fire and the Sword: The British Army and the Arme Blanche Controversy 1871-1921 by Stephen Badsey
The Last Hurrah: Cavalry on the Western Front, August-September 1914 by
The Boer War and British Cavalry Doctrine: A Re-Evaluation by Stephen Badsey
Smile and Carry On - Canadian Cavalry on the Western Front 1914-1918 by Stephanie E. Potter


At What Cost?: Spanish Neutrality in the First World War by Carolyn S. Lowry
The Great War and the Crisis of Liberalism in Spain, 1916-1917 by Francisco J. Romero Salvado
Spain and the First World War: Neutrality and Crisis by Francisco J. Romero Salvado


Denmark during the First World War by Bent Bludnikow
Between the Sea Power and the Land Power: Scandanavia and the Coming of the First World War by Patrick Salmon
Sweden's Food Supply by Axel Robert Nordvall
The Baltic and British Diplomacy Before the First World War by David W. Sweet
Unity and Divergence: Scandanavian Internationalism 1914-1921 by Karen Gram-Skjoldager and Oyvind Tonnesson
Trade, Ships, and the Neutrality of the Netherlands in the First World War by Marc Frey

Romanian Front

Romania and the Belligerents 1914-1916 by Glenn E. Torrey
Indifference and Mistrust: Russian-Romanian Collaboration in the Campaign of 1916 by Glenn Toreey
Romania in the First World War: The Years of Neutrality, 1914-1916 by V. N. Vinogradov
Hindenburg, Ludendorff, and Rumania by Martin Kitchen
For God and Kaiser: The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619-1918 by Richard Bassett

Russian Revolution

The Failure of Rural Policy in Russia, February-October 1917 by Graeme J. Gill
The Breakup of the Anglo-Russia Alliance: The Question of Supply in 1917 by Keith E. Neilson
The Russian Revolution and the German Social Democratic Party in 1917 by John L. Snell
The First Russian Revolution by William Henry Chamberlain
The Russian General Staff and the June 1917 Offensive by Robert S. Feldman
The Unanimous Revolution: Russia, February 1917 by Robert Bruce Lockhart
The Russian Soldier in 1917: Undisciplined, Patriotic, and Revolutionary by Marc Ferro
The Russians, The Allies, and the War, February-July 1917 by L. P. Morris
Russian Military Intelligence 1905-1917: The Untold Story behind Tsarist Russia in the First World War by Alex Marshall


French War Aims and the American Challenge, 1914-1918 by David Stevenson
A Counsel of Despair: British Strategy and War Aims, 1917-1918 by Brock Millman
The Bilateral Relationship Between Austria-Hungary and the United States from April to December 1917 by Vaclav Horcicka
The United States and the Rights of Neutrals, 1917-1918 by Alice C. Morissey
The United States Army General Staff, 1900-1917 by James Hewes
Great Britain in the United States, 1917-1918: The Turning Point by Kathleen Burk
The Zimmermann Telegram: Intelligence, Diplomacy, and America's Entry into World War I by Thomas Boghardt
Fruits of Victory: The Woman's Land Army of America in the Great War by Elaine F. Weiss
The Deluge: The Great War, America, and the Remaking of the Global Order by Adam Tooze
The World Remade: America in World War I by G.J. Meyer
Over There: The United States in the Great War, 1917-1918 by Byron Farwell