History of the Great War

Week by Week through the War to End All Wars

Episode 133: The Great Neutral Pt. 2

Episode 133: The Great Neutral Pt. 2 thumbnail
This is our second episode on the path of America entering the war and last episode we covered some of the actions of the American government before 1917 and then discussed the Zimmermann telegram in depth. Today we will take up our story from that point. Our two big topics for today will be how the United States...
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Episode 132: The Great Neutral Pt. 1

Episode 132: The Great Neutral Pt. 1 thumbnail
This is the first of our four part series on how America entered the war. Before 1917 the United States was the capital G Great Neutral. The industrial and manpower base that the United States had access to could turn the war in anyone's favor, but to do that the country would probably have to enter the war....
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Episode 131: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 3

Episode 131: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 3 thumbnail
Last week saw the beginning of unrestricted submarine warfare for the Germans and throughout the first few months the campaign went quite well, with April 1917 being the best month of the entire war for the German submarines. However, no act, especially one involving hundreds of thousands of shipping tons being sent to the bottom of the ocean,...
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Episode 130: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 2

Episode 130: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 2 thumbnail
Last episode we discussed the German submarine actions of 1916 and some of the technological changes that occurred during the war as it related to the U-Boats and the British attempts to get them under control. This week we are solely focused on perhaps the most important event of the entire war at sea, and certainly the most...
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Episode 129: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 1

Episode 129: War Beneath the Waves Pt. 1 thumbnail
This week we begin a three episode series on the underwater war at sea, and that means a lot of discussion about U-boats. It has been a long time since we talked about U-Boats, Episode 59 by my count and in that episode we left off the story with the end of the unrestricted submarine warfare campaign of...
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Episode 128: Revolution: Russia Pt. 6

This week we come to the end of our episode on the Russian Revolutions, and in general the state of Russia during 1917. This will also probably be our last episode focusing on the events in Russia during the war since one of the big topics for today is how Russia exited the war in early 1918. After...
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Episode 127: Revolution: Russia Pt. 5

We come now, finally, to the most famous event in 1917, at least as far as Russia is concerned, the October Revolution. Even though the February Revolution had ended hundreds of years of Tsarist rule, and brought something approaching democracy to Russia, it is often overshadowed by the revolution that would bring the Bolsheviks into power. The move...
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Episode 126: Revolution: Russia Pt. 4

This week we bring our attention out of Russian politics and back to the war. Once things had begun to settle down in Petrograd and the rest of Russia, with the Provisional Government now mostly in control, everybody's mind turned back to the war. The most important area of focus was the upcoming attack that the Russians had...
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Episode 125: Revolution: Russia Pt. 3

Episode 125: Revolution: Russia Pt. 3 thumbnail
Last episode saw the February Revolution sweep through Petrograd and the abdication of the Tsar. This week we are going to look at the fallout. With the overthrow of the Tsar and his government the question very rapidly became what, and who, to replace it with, a question that would find its answer in the Provisional Government. Unfortunately...
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Episode 124: Revolution: Russia Pt. 2

Episode 124: Revolution: Russia Pt. 2 thumbnail
This week is our second on the turmoil in Russia during 1917. the first revolution of 1917 was a textbook case of a spontaneous and unplanned action by a massive number of people within Petrograd, the capital city of Russia previously known as St. Petersburg. The leaders of the future revolutions, and the most famous Russians of those...
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