Why did the leaders of Germany and Austria-Hungary need an armistice? What did they try to do to keep their countries together?

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  • A World Undone by G.J. Meyer
  • Ring of Steel by Alexander Watson
  • The First World War by John Keegan
  • Done My Bit: British Soldiers, the 1918 Armistice, and Understanding the First World War by Alexander Nordlund
  • With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918 by David Stevenson
  • Castles of Steel by Robert Massie
  • A World Remade by G.J. Meyer
  • Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour: Armistice Day, 1918 World War I and Its Violent Climax by Joseph E. Persico
  • Hundred Days: The Campaign that Ended World War 1 by Nick Lloyd