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Episode 75: Verdun Pt. 13

Just like Verdun has been a long journey for us it was also an incredibly long ordeal for the French and German armies. What started as an attempt by Falkenhayn to draw in the French army had drawn in the German army as well. It had lasted from February the 21st 1916 until basically the end of the...
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Episode 74: Verdun Pt. 12

Episode 74: Verdun Pt. 12 thumbnail
After a long hard fought offensive the Germans were finally stopped by the end of July and now it was time for the French to start pushing them back, it is these actions that we will discuss today. That is not all that we will be talking about though, because they actually are not, quite frankly, that interesting....
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Episode 73: Verdun Pt. 11

Episode 73: Verdun Pt. 11 thumbnail
This episode represents our third to last episode on the events of the battle of Verdun. In the months of June and July the Germans would launch another set of attacks, this time aiming for Fort Souville. This goal could have represented the final goal of the campaign, but we will never know. The effort of these attacks,...
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Episode 72: Verdun Pt. 10

Episode 72: Verdun Pt. 10 thumbnail
This week we move forward to May and the attacks launched by both sides during the month. In the end May would be catastrophically deadly for all involved. After covering the events of May we will then cover one of the most harrowing events of the entire campaign, the fall of Fort Vaux which occurred in June. It...
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Episode 71: Verdun Pt. 9

Episode 71: Verdun Pt. 9 thumbnail
Last week the Germans failed in their attacks on the West Bank at Verdun in March 1916. April would mark the beginning of what I am calling The Long Grind by which I mean a series of attacks and counter attacks against the same targets for the next several months. This would begin with an attack by the...
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Episode 70: Verdun Pt. 8

Episode 70: Verdun Pt. 8 thumbnail
Last week we looked at the arrival of Petain at Verdun on February the 25th. When he arrived the impetus of the original German attack was finally coming to an end, but of course the French commanders did not know that at the time. So this week we will ask the question that the German leaders were also...
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Episode 69: Verdun Pt. 7

Episode 69: Verdun Pt. 7 thumbnail
The first 4 days of Verdun had been one of German success coupled by missing opportunities for even greater success. The French were battered and bruised, they had lost their front line, and 72nd and 51st divisions were all but destroyed, the 37th had almost completely broken, and to cap it all off Douaumont had fallen to the...
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Episode 68: Verdun Pt. 6

Episode 68: Verdun Pt. 6 thumbnail
Last week the Germans were finally on the attack, after waiting weeks for the weather to cooperate with their plans. On the first day the Germans had been cautious in their advance against shattered French opposition, on the second day they pushed harder. Along most of the front they encountered little resistance, although the French did manage to...
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Episode 67: Verdun Pt. 5

Episode 67: Verdun Pt. 5 thumbnail
Today the action finally begins at Verdun. Today we will look at the opening German attacks on the first and second days of fighting. We will also be going into some pretty good detail about some of the fighting, and if you pick up a book about Verdun it is often the case that a substantial amount of...
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Episode 66: Verdun Pt. 4

This is our fourth episode covering the events at Verdun in early 1916 and it will be our last before the German guns begin firing on the French positions on February 21st. Up to this point in these episodes we have been discussing Falkenhayn, The Germans, and their plans for the attack almost exclusively. It is finally time...
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