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Episode 115: Romania Pt. 4

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This week we are back to Romania and when we last left the theater Falkenhayn had advanced into the mountain passes over the Carpathians and in the south Mackenson had turned back the Romanian attack across the Danube. It was from these positions that the Germans, Austrians, and Bulgarians would plan to finish off the Romanians with an...
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Episode 113: Romania Pt. 3

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This is the third episode on the Romanian campaign, or as I like to call it, the first part in a two part episode called Romania's No Good Very Bad Time. Last episode the Romanians had invaded Transylvania, advanced around 100 kilometers from all sides and then did, precisely, nothing. While they waited the Germans, Austrians, Bulgarians, and...
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Episode 112: Romania Pt. 2

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This is our second episode on the Romanian campaign. Last episode we looked at the run up to the war and the terms under which Romania entered on the side of the Entente. Today we will talk about what Romania planned to do with the army that it mobilized ty discussing their war plan, their mobilization procedures, and...
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Episode 111: Romania Pt. 1

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This week we begin a new series though, four episodes on the Romanian campaign of 1916. Romania would not enter the war until late in 1916, their path to this decision to enter the war was long and winding with the negotiations with the Entente taking many twists and turns. However, even though the path would be long,...
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