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Episode 60: Fall of Serbia

Episode 60: Fall of Serbia thumbnail
Serbia had held on far longer than most would have expected after the war started. It was now time for Germany, Austria, and a new entry Bulgaria to target the tiny Balkan country, and it would be the end. We will also be spending some time looking at the only real effort by France and Britain to directly...
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Episode 59: Submarine Warfare Part 2

Episode 59: Submarine Warfare Part 2 thumbnail
During this episode we will look at the German path to unleashing their U-Boats first in a perfectly legal commerce raiding campaign and then onto a perfectly illegal unrestricted commerce raiding campaign which they will then cancel just 7 months after it started. Commerce raiding while at war was a long and storied profession, it dates all the...
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Episode 58: Submarine Warfare Part 1

Episode 58: Submarine Warfare Part 1 thumbnail
his episode will look at the technical and strategic innovations in both submarines and submarine countermeasures before the start of the war and during its first year. We will also look at how Germany planned on using their fleet of subs and how they were actually used, which was quite different. Next episode we will focus strictly on...
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Episode 57: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 3

Episode 57: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 3 thumbnail
Last week we followed the British as they landed in Mesopotamia and advanced to Basra. This landing would be just the beginning of the campaign of 1915 and early 1916. This episode we will continue to follow that campaign as the British, under the leadership of General Townshend advanced first to the small town of al-Kut and then...
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Episode 56: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 2

Episode 56: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 2 thumbnail
This week is our second episode on the actions in the Middle East during 1915. Last episode was all build up, but this week we will be spending most of the time discussing two attacks in different parts of the theater. The first attack will be the Ottoman attack launched against the Suez Canal which would require them...
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Episode 55: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 1

Episode 55: Middle Eastern Adventures Part 1 thumbnail
This episode begins our 3 episode stretch of episodes focusing on the war in the East, we have already discussed the actions at Gallipoli and in the Caucasus but those two theaters are just part of the war that was waged between the British and Ottomans in the Middle East. It was a side theater during the war,...
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Episode 54: Fall Offensives Aftermath

This week is going to be sort of a review episode and an episode to try and tie the bow on the Western Front for 1915. Even though it is only the second week of October this will be our last episode chronicling the events of the Western front in 1915. After the battles that ended in October...
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Episode 53: Fall Offensives Part 3

In this episode we will be continuing our discussion about the French and British fall offensives in 1915. Last week we covered the French attacks in Artois and Champagne from September and October, both of which can be classified as failures. While the French were attacking these two locations they were joined by the British who were attacking...
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Episode 52: Fall Offensives Part 2

Last week we discussed the build up to the fall offensives on the Western Front. The French hoped to launch two attacks, one in Artois, and one in Champagne. These attacks would be massive, the largest of 1915 and their goals were to capture Vimy Ridge in Artois and to capture valuable railway junctions in Champagne. This would...
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Episode 51: Fall Offensives Part 1

This week, for the first time in over three months we find ourselves back on the Western Front. This episode begins a series of episodes on the fall offensives by the French and British forces in France and it will be the largest, and last, offensive of 1915 for the Entente forces. Since it has been awhile since...
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