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Episode 48: Admiral Spee's Great Adventure Part 1

In 1914 Vice Admiral Spee led his ships halfway around the world from China to South America, what happens when they get there? Download iTunes RSS Your browser does not support the audio element. The History of the Great war is now available on Stitcher...
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Episode 18: Christmas Truce

Episode 18: Christmas Truce thumbnail
With the war raging for months the men in the trenches take a moment around the holidays to stop trying to kill each other and instead celebrate the Christian holidays in style. Ceasefires, truces, and fraternization abound in No Man's Land for at least a few days. Download iTunes RSS Your browser does not support the audio element....
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Episode 17: Ypres

Episode 17: Ypres thumbnail
The Race to the Sea would reach its conclusion at the small Belgian town of Ypres. Ypres would become one of the bloodiest areas for the British and Germans over the 4 years of the war but in 1914 it was just a Belgian town where they met on the road north from the Aisne to the sea....
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Episode 16: War Upon the Seas

Episode 16: War Upon the Seas thumbnail
After last week's introduction to the Naval situation in 1914 this week we look at the composition of the British and German Navies. Then we will delve into how the two nations planned to use their very expensive ships. Finally, we will follow them as we discover what they actually did in 1914. Download iTunes RSS Your browser...
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Episode 15: Naval Introduction

Episode 15: Naval Introduction thumbnail
In the years leading up to the war the Germans invested heavily in their navy. In this episode we look at what caused them to do this and how the British felt about it. Then we will check out the naval technology that these nations were using in 1914 and how it had changed so drastically in the...
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Episode 14: War Around the World

Episode 14: War Around the World thumbnail
This episode jumps all around the world as we check back in with the Eastern Front as the German and Russian armies meet at the Battle of the Vistula River. We then begin our world wide tour with a look at how the colonies of Britain, France, and Germany were taking part in the war. We end this...
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Episode 13: Race to the Sea

Episode 13: Race to the Sea thumbnail
The Germans were stopped at the Marne but they have had time to regroup on the banks of the Aisne. The French and British attack to try to drive them out of France. In the aftermath the race to the sea begins as each army continues to leapfrog to the north in an attempt to outflank their opponent....
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Episode 12: Balkan Bravery

Episode 12: Balkan Bravery thumbnail
With the Germans retreating in the west we turn our attention back to the east. We first check in on Serbia to see how the tiny nation in the Balkans is doing against its neighbor to the north Austria-Hungary. Then we look at the second battle in east Prussia when the Germans confront the Russians at the First...
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Episode 11: Miracle on the Marne

The German Army was marching through northern France while the British and French retreated before them. For over a week they had been trying to stay ahead of the German steamroller. They would turn to fight at the Battle of the Marne, a battle that some would later call a miracle. Download iTunes RSS Your browser does not...
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Episode 10: Disaster in the East

While battles raged in Western Europe the Russian army was advancing into East Prussia, the heartland of the German army. Most of the German army was in the West and they were put in a situation where they were drastically outnumbered. How then, did the German army manage to inflict one of the most crushing defeats of the...
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