Episode 20: Artois and Champagne


This is our second episode covering the events of 1915 so we will of course spend most of the episode talking about what the French did in the last few weeks of 1914. Today we will discuss two French offensives, that began at roughly the same point in time, the last two weeks of December 1914. These two offensives occurred in the Artois region and the Champagne region and one of the reasons that they are notable is the fact that they are one of the first large scale French attacks after the line in the west began to settle down and the Germans began to heavily entrench their lines on the front. These battles would be called the First Battle of Artois and the First Battle of Champagne and they will be just the first in a series of battles in these areas during 1915.

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Artois Front in Early 1915 Artois Front in Early 1915